Ye of Little Faith

“why take ye thought for raiment?”
Matthew 6:28 (partial)

How many times is a Christian’s faith challenged in their Christian life? Many times no doubt. Sometimes it involves a doctor’s visit, sometimes waiting for word from a loved one, and sometimes we are challenged by our own flesh concerning God’s Word. I have to admit that sometimes I have little faith and I must stay in God’s Word and meditate in order to strengthen my faith, Psalm 119:15.

“Oh ye of little faith” occurs five times in the new testament. Four times in Matthew and one time in Luke. The one in Luke is most likely a repeat of the one in Matthew. God evidently wanted us to understand what He meant to get across to us.

Let us look at the four things that Christ was responding to. This will not, however, be a complete study of all the ways this scripture can be applicable to our lives. Hopefully the reader can get some help.

First, let’s look at Matthew 6:30 and we see the “deliberation” in our own minds and in the logic of the flesh. In the first part of chapter five in Matthew, the bible says that Christ “taught” the disciples. The disciples no doubt previously were discussing how they would fare, having left all to follow Christ. This passage doesn’t mean that our clothing will just appear from nowhere. However, if God so chose He would do just that. We see God’s way with the woman in Proverbs 31:21. She helped make a living for her family with the things God gave her. It involved work. We are to trust God for our substance. Paul said in 1st Timothy 6:8 that “having food and raiment let us therewith be content”. We’re not only to trust God, but also be content with what He provides. “Take no thought”, just keep doing what you’re doing for the Lord. He will provide!

Next we see the “distress” of the apostles in Matthew 8:26. Christ had a rebuke in the form of a question. He said “why are ye fearful,” then “O ye of little faith”. Fear is a great study in the scripture. We see it applied here during the disciples lack of faith. Fear can make you lose faith. I once knew of a lady that was told she had cancer, she immediately began a fearful existence. She expected to die just any minute. She did pass away in short order. Her doctor said if she had fought a little bit she possibly could’ve been healed. By contrast, I knew another that was told by doctors she had only weeks to live and then outlived her doctors. It’s easy for the Christian to have fear in the storm. Here stop and memorize Matthew 28:20. Take comfort in the words, “lo I am with you alway”.

Now lets consider Matthew 14:31. Here we see the “distrust” of the fearful. Peter here begins by wanting to come to Christ. Then coming to Christ, he becomes fearful not trusting the Lord. He then began to sink. Christ of course rescues him from his lack of faith. How many of us have stepped out on faith and were happy to do God’s will. However, when we realize what we’re in, we begin to be discouraged and start to sink? I know I have to raise my hand on this one and say I’m one that has. Memorize here Proverbs 3:5-6.

Finally, we will look at Matthew 16:4-8 and see possibly the most dangerous condition of “little faith”. We’ll call it “discord”. In this passage we see Jesus leave seemingly in frustration (verse 4) the disciples and “depart” from them (great message here). Next we notice that the disciples having come to “the other side” had forgotten the bread (another great message). I can just imagine the previous dialog between the disciples, pharisees and sadducees. No doubt causing much confusion and doubting. So much so that they forgot the physical and I might add also, the spiritual bread. Dialog apart from God’s Word will cause you to forget the Bread of Life. Beware beloved of God there are many sowers of “discord among the brethren” who are more than willing to give you a handful of worthless tare seed, Proverbs 6:19.

So now beloved, what are we to do? We see by God’s Word that there is much danger for the Christian of little faith and the road for them is confusing. We then that are strong with the spiritual meat of the word must see the danger ahead for the one “of little faith ” and gently help guide them back to shore, Romans 15:1 (memory verse). The weak and fearful Christian will cause much problem if not rescued early on.

This study could go on and on. Hopefully you will continue this subject further. I pray it has been a help to those who seek “first the kingdom of God and his righteousness”. In all your travels for the Lord remember that the one of “little faith ” will seldom do anything for God.

God bless,

Bro Leroy
Ephesians 6:10