Isaiah 9:6

     A new born baby should always bring a smile. Babies are a wonderment in itself. If we watch closely we can see them grow and change before our eyes. Modern medical evidence says that some babies can grow as much as one inch in twenty four hours. Read Ecclesiastes 11:5, here we find this all starts in the womb. Consider the words “thou knowest not”, also ” how the bones are formed in the womb”, speaking here of what goes on in the womb during the natural development of a baby. In Psalms 139:14 the writer says ” I am fearfully and wonderfully made”. Medical science is still not sure how the growth of a baby happens and for sure will never understand it in this life. You can be sure though that if the one in psalms was “fearfully and wonderfully made” so are you and I. God’s ways are past finding out, Romans 11:33 a beautiful verse to read.
How sad it is in this day and times we live in that the tiny human “God breathed” life is oft times destroyed for the convenience of a life unencumbered by the process of raising a child. We Christians should raise our voices against this at every chance God gives us. Over 60,000,000 have been taken so far and climbing every day. May God have mercy on us! Its NOT A FETUS, ITS A BABY!
We read the first promise of child birth in Genesis 1:28. Here it seems that replenishment wasn’t painful or sorrowful. Then in Genesis 3:16, as part of the judgment for sin, God told Eve that “in sorrow thou shalt bring forth children”. True enough I’ve spoken with ladies who’ve had children and they’ve told me of the worries and sorrows that go through their head during the development and delivery of their baby. Thankfully God gives the mother a way of escape from her sorrows. In John 16:21 we read of how the mother’s sorrows are forgotten. The Bible says that “she remembereth no more the anguish”. God is so good to His creation! One day the church will remember no more the anguish, hallelujah!
In the gospel of Luke chapter 1, verse 26-28 we read that an angel, Gabriel, has been sent to a woman, a virgin, to let her know that through her the King which was to come is coming, “and of His kingdom there shall be no end”, verse 33. Mary has a justified curiosity because she, of all people, would know that she hadn’t been with man. She fully understood the process of having a baby. That’s when we read in verse 35 that this will be no ordinary baby but would be the Son of God. John 1:4 says He was “full of grace and truth”. Mary then understood in verse 38 that it was time to accept this blessing from God.
Let’s begin to consider this child. First in Hebrews 4:15 we find that He was “without sin”. He didn’t just become that way at some point in His life, He was BORN that way. He was always sinless! He is God! AMEN! As we mention in the paragraph above, He came into this world already “full of grace and truth”. He didn’t just become that way. Rev. 13:8 tells us that it was God’s plan that this little baby would grow to be a man and be slain by our sin. Although no bone of His would be broken John 19:36, it is said He died of a broken heart. He was to be a man of sorrows, “despised and rejected of men” and “acquainted with grief”, Isaiah 53:3. He would be called, The Prince of Peace, Wonderful, The Mighty God, Counsellor, The Everlasting Father, King, Rabboni, The Lamb of God, Jesus, Emmanuel, Lord, The Rock, The Word, Rabbi, Christ, Master, Saviour, Son of God, Son of Man, Son of David, Redeemer and Priest. I’m sure to have missed some of His names. There are over 900, but that is sufficient for you the reader to understand the many roles our Lord took upon himself. I would encourage the reader to study these names and the role each one accomplishes in our lives.
Try and consider how this little Hebrew woman must’ve felt when being told this wonderful news! Think of the shepherd’s joy while “keeping watch over their flock by night”, Luke 2:8, as the angels of heaven began to declare that Christ is born! Think of the joy the wise men had at the appearance of His star in the east! Think of how all of His creation gave a sigh of relief with the news of His birth! Think of the rejoicing of the saints who were in the grave for their long awaited King was born! How they must’ve longed for just a glimpse of His sweet face! It would be impossible for us to praise Him enough!
Mary may have known how it would end for her darling child but she couldn’t have known the joy and peace He would bring her when she was later saved by His righteous blood. She could then rejoice with all creation and shout, He’s coming again!, Acts 1:11. I’m sure she was oft times looking to the east awaiting His return. Romans 8:21-23 says “the whole creation groaneth and travaileth in pain together until now” and “waiting for the adoption, to wit, the redemption of our body”. So, whether He takes me off the earth or out of the earth makes no difference to me for I know I’m His and HE’S COMING AGAIN!

God bless,

Bro Leroy
Ephesians 6:10