Why We Should Pray

 1st Timothy, 2:8
“I will therefore that men pray everywhere, lifting up holy hands, without wrath and doubting”.

                 Let’s think on the words pray, praying or prayer for a moment. It has a very nice ring to it, comforting even. It is a word to not be taken lightly or without respect. It is a word to meditate on and concentrate on its meaning. It’s a word with action and power!…………….if you’re saved! If you’re not, then please ask a prayer now for God to save you. This is the only prayer God will hear (take action), from the lost because you’re not His child. Consider John 8:42-45, if you “hear not” God’s Word why would you think He would hear yours? It’s a Word to be taken seriously.
Pray means, according to Websters 1828 dictionary, in Hebrew, “to bless or reproach”.  To the Christian, “to ask with earnestness or zeal, as for a favor, or something desirable, to entreat; to supplicate”. It is a main line of communication with THE KING!
We find in God’s Word when to pray, 1st Thes. 5:17, how to pray, Matt. 6:9-13, what to pray for, Matt. 9:38, the time of day to begin prayer, Ps.,5:3. I encourage you to read all the scripture references here and commit them to memory. These few references are by no means all the 545 references to pray or prayers but it will get you started.
We should always be as sure as we can we are approaching God’s throne of grace with reverence and great respect. It’s a serious thing to come before the Living God and make a request. We should always consider if we are praying according to His word and not “ask amiss” Ja. 4:3. James here warns of the selfish prayer, which we’ve all been guilty of in our ignorance of God’s Word. I consider the songwriter that said “what a privilege to carry, everything to God in prayer”, for indeed it is a privilege.
I’ve heard it said that Charles Spurgeon and others during their day would have prayer room meeting before a service. Sometimes these would last two or more hours. I’m not sure about anyone else, but I would find it hard to pray for one hour much less two! But they did, and people were saved as a result of faithful prayers, some while listening outside the door to the prayer room! What power prayer has!
We can see an example of the power of prayer towards our friends if we consider Job 42. In this chapter we find Job before God and he has realized and acknowledged his folly in his reply to the Lord God. Job’s friends however, had not had the right thought about their handling of their replies about God. The Bible says that God’s wrath was “kindled” against three of Job’s friends, (not Elihu though). God then gave the secret powerful word to Job for their healing…………….PRAY! That’s right; Job was instructed to pray for them (among some other things). Notice also God didn’t bless Job until he had done this.
Many more examples of prayer could be referenced here. However, I’m sure you get the meaning this article is trying to bring. We know by God’s Word that He hears us when we pray as long as it’s done according to His word and order. Commit to memory James 5:16 and ask yourself when you pray if you’re doing it right. Ask the Lord as the apostles did in Luke 11:1, “Lord teach us to pray”, then consider Matt. chapters 5 and 6, meditate on what to pray for, and how to pray for it. Then get some practice time in………….on your knees. 

God bless,
Bro. Leroy